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Poor is the man ….

I really fucking LOVE being uncut.

WATCH: Zeitgeist

I stumbled upon this tonight and really wanted to post it here. I hadn’t seen it for a few years, so I’m watching again. I believe it’s our right (and obligation) as human beings to question everything, including authority. Especially authority. Also, what we’ve been taught to believe and what’s been shoved down our throat since we were young.
I also believe humans have become numb and robotic. Most of us don’t think; we just do. We don’t think beyond the surface and what popular culture decides to distract us with. We are being dumbed down, and there’s a reason for that.

Anyway, I highly recommend this. If you haven’t already seen this, please watch it now.

***EDIT: If you’re still interested, HERE is the 2nd installment and HERE is the 3rd.



I could honestly go on talking for days about why I love Lydia Lunch. Her work, her honesty, and her attitude have influenced me more than I could explain to anyone.

In this video, she talks about being an independent artist, free of all financial and corporate support/control, which I think is something people (especially in this age of manufactured, soulless garbage disguised as art) actually need to hear. Enjoy.

A message to the makers of gay smut…..

…..IF any of you happen to stumble upon this blog.

Just in case anyone cares, I’ve recently started to pursue working in gay smut once again (after a 2+ year break). I’ve taken the photos in the standard poses and sent them out to a select few people/companies/talent coordinators/studios (but no agents yet, because…well, there are several reasons I think that would be pointless). Now, I’m waiting for responses. 


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This blog needs more cock.


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